Alpha Tracker is available as a subscription service (including your own or a shared cloud server) or as a one-off purchase with an ongoing support & maintenance contract.


With the subscription service, the monthly cost is based upon the number of surveyors using the system. You can have an unlimited number of admin users.


Contact us so that we can give you an instant quotation based on your circumstances.


We will need to know how many surveyors you have and whether you have your own server or intend to hire a cloud server. We will then be able to calculate the best deal for you.


See our standard Terms and Conditions and Support Contract pages to read our Plain English terms of sale.



Call Elaine Porter on 0333 301 1010 or email her at


Call Judy Key on 08 8330 4036 or email her at



Survey data can be shared between linked Alpha Tracker systems enabling you to send completed surveys to another Alpha Tracker system where the data can be stored and reported as if it had been created on that system.


When you have completed a survey and produced and finalised the report, you can choose to send both the report and the supporting survey data to a linked Alpha Tracker system. All the data is sent to a holding server, from where it can be requested by the receiving Alpha Tracker system.


There is an additional charge for this Data Transfer Server Connection. The charge is made to the sending company only and is currently £50 per month per receiving Alpha Tracker system.


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