Tracker Document Maker Service saves your admin staff time, effort and inconvenience.


Tracker Document Maker Service enables you to make full use of the data you collect in Alpha Tracker by running the document production system. It runs on your server, generating documents requested by Alpha Tracker users and then emailing the user to tell them that their document is ready. There's no waiting around for your document to finish, you can continue working as your document request is processed. And the email notification that tells you when your document is ready includes the document as an attachment so that you can open it immediately.


With Tracker Document Maker Service running on your server, this is the typical process:

  • the Alpha Tracker user requests a document (eg a survey report)
  • the request is logged in a queue
  • Tracker Document Maker Service processes each request in turn, generating and saving each document
  • a PDF of the document is created
  • the user is emailed when the document is ready, with both the document and the PDF files attached to the email for easy access.



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Document Requests latest version
Document Requests v1.0.305, SVN 74: Changes made to stop the text in the activity window going over 5000 characters in length.
Document Requests
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Alpha Tracker Document Maker latest version
ATDM v1.4.1983, SVN 360: Changes made for FindAndReplaceInStory.
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