The AlphaValidator module is a flexible and comprehensive automated data validation tool which can be configured to run a variety of data checks before you produce your asbestos reports.


With one click AlphaValidator can perform a set of up to 36 automated checks on survey data. The set of checks performed is configurable, letting you choose the essential validation for your surveys. In addition to the standard tests, there is also a range of checks determined by the survey type. These can be run in addition to and at the same time as the standard tests.


AlphaValidator produces an easy-to-read, colour-coded table of results - if it's green it's good to go, if it's red you might want to check the data.


Example AlphaValidator results screen


Note that if you upgrade to Alpha Tracker SVN603 or greater, then you will need to install TUM v1.0.155 for AlphaValidator to run correctly.



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v1.0.206 SVN48 Changes made to CheckR to only count drawing files that are in .jpg/.jpeg/.png/.pdf format.
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