Alpha Draw is the companion site plan drawing tool for the Alpha Tracker asbestos software. It enables site and office users to simply and easily create site plans to use alongside their Tracker Mobile asbestos data.


We have created Alpha Draw to work best on tablet devices so that the asbestos surveyor has enough "work space" to draw plans of different sizes.  You can quickly draw the shape of a room, add windows, doors and other features, even furniture!  Finally add your sample points before automatically uploading the drawing to the Alpha Tracker project folder. Once you have sent a drawing in, it is amendable from both Alpha Tracker and the app so changes can be made and any further detail added.


Alpha Draw is available for use on most tablet devices and by all Alpha Tracker asbestos consultancy users at no charge.



You can download the app from the app stores.


Contact us for help to download Alpha Draw to your devices.  You will need a special server code to link the app to your own Alpha Tracker asbestos system - again, the support desk will be able to give you this information.


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