We have worked for over a decade to make our on-site electronic surveying tools the most efficient on the market.




We have trained 100s of surveyors and they have captured over 30,000,000 items of data in that time - proving that Tracker Mobile is an incredibly effective tool when carrying out asbestos surveys.


Surveyors can use the widest possible range of equipment including:

  • iPads and iPad Minis
  • iPhones
  • iPods
  • Android tablets
  • Android smartphones.



Photos are captured and linked to samples automatically and you can capture both a general and a close-up photo.


Every item of data can be geotagged to record automatically the location for future analysis or plotting on Google Maps or Google Earth.


With Tracker Mobile data collection screens tuned for maximum speed and consistency, asbestos surveying with Alpha Tracker is the most efficient and effective it can be.




Because we use Android and Apple devices, you and your surveyors have the full range of drawing, CAD and floor plan apps available to use.  These apps will save their drawings as images which can be incorporated into the data sent in via Tracker Mobile.


If you use one of the Samsung Note tablets or smartphones, you can also use the built-in stylus and S-Note app - take a look at this video:



Or why not check out Alpha Draw, the drawing app that is integrated with Alpha Tracker? This app provides an easy way to produce simple plans or drawings and send them in to the appropriate project folder in Alpha Tracker. Once you have sent a drawing in, it is amendable from both the app and from Alpha Tracker so changes can be made and further details added.



1 - Introduction to Tracker Mobile

2 - How to record an asbestos sample

3 - What if it is a "no access" room?

4 - Cross referencing a previously taken sample (sometimes known as "visually similar")

5 - Copying a room's data in another room - what a time saver!

6 - Presumed samples, strongly presumed and areas of no access and limited access in the room

7 - Completing and sending the survey


See the next step: Improve the Lab.


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