Tracker is a family of asbestos software products and modules designed to reduce administration and improve profitability in a busy environmental or asbestos consultancy.


Alpha Tracker, the latest version of Tracker, is the market leading asbestos software for asbestos consultancies, asbestos surveyors and asbestos consultants. Every aspect of the system has been developed by listening to clients and understanding their needs. Tracker is available for a number of markets including:

  • asbestos surveying, asbestos reinspections and asbestos removals
  • health and safety assessments and consultancy
  • risk assessments including fire risk, water quality (legionella) and air quality.


Tracker can be used by any business needing to track and manage their projects, not just asbestos, health-and-safety and environmental consultancies. We use it ourselves to track our own work!





The latest version of Tracker for asbestos consultancies, asbestos surveyors and asbestos consultants is Alpha Tracker. Alpha Tracker takes all the award-winning quality of Tracker and puts it in a convenient browser form.


This means you can access asbestos software Alpha Tracker anywhere - from the office, the lab, home or even out and about on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.




We would like the opportunity to talk to you about your asbestos surveying business and how Alpha Tracker can help.


Our asbestos software surveying systems are in use by consultancies with 100+ asbestos surveyors as well as asbestos surveyors working on their own from home... so do get in touch whatever size of asbestos consultancy you are.


Whatever your size - however many surveyors you have - Alpha Tracker will save and make you money within weeks of starting to use it.



Call Elaine Porter on 0333 301 1010 or email her at


Call Judy Key on 08 8330 4036 or email her at

Want to discuss how Alpha Tracker might help you?

Call us now to discuss your requirements on:

  • 0333 301 1010 (UK) or
  • 08 8330 4036 (AUS).

Thinking of buying something other than Alpha Tracker?

Download this checklist and go through it with our competitors to see how they stack up against us.



The Alpha Tracker Mobile app lets you stay up-to-date when you are out and about.


The app enables Android and Apple (iOS) users to perform many of the functions of Alpha Tracker, from checking your diary appointments to reviewing your quotations and creating new projects - all from a smartphone or tablet. You can find more details on the app here.




We continue to support our legacy products, such as Tracker, which has now been superseded by Alpha Tracker. If you have any questions on Tracker, please contact Support.



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