Countrywide are a large, ambitious and very successful legal and tax services company.


With consultants UK-wide, Countrywide need clever, reliable and easy-to-use systems to manage their orders for legal documents and to enable the lead generation and sales process to be professionally monitored and managed.


We built Journeyman to manage Countrywide's leads and sales process.  Powered by Alpha Five from Alpha Software, Journeyman incorporates the following features:

  • contact logging and management
  • CRM (ie calls, emails, faxes recorded and managed)
  • diary management
  • mapping of all data including leads and sales people
  • the notion of "introducers"
  • opportunities and their "journeys".


At the heart of Journeyman is the notion of a "journey", a client-defined list of stages and actions than a new contact will undergo before doing business (in various capacities) with Countrywide.


Countrywide are one of the UK's leading tax, trust & legal services companies
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