Q: What hardware do I need?

A: We build apps for the following devices:

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod)
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile


Q: What do they cost?

A: Depending on specification, you can expect to pay upwards of £200 for a smartphone-style device.  Ruggedised devices are also available for industrial applications.


Q: What's the battery life?

A: Models vary, but would typically last 4 -16 hours between charges.  Many users carry a compact additional pack which delivers a power reserve of 3 standard batteries.


Q: Will I lose data if the battery runs out?

A: No - your data is safe even if the battery fails.


Q: How do I export data to other applications?

A: We provide consultancy to link your applications to other software products or to spreadsheets (eg Excel), XML or other data pathways.


Q: How secure is a data transfer?

A: Our systems use ultra-secure 256 bit encryption; each record is encoded with a unique GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) code. 


Q: What sort of systems have you built?

A: We have created a huge variety of mobile data capture forms for our clients including:

  • surveying data capture (including photos, GPS)
  • health & safety surveys
  • risk assessments
  • expense forms
  • timesheets
  • fire risk assessments
  • radon gas assessments
  • pipeline audits
  • legionella risk assessments
  • asbestos surveying
  • pupil performance
  • toy library management
  • staff surveys
  • customer satisfaction forms




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