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Congratulations to Dan & Siobhan... Mr & Mrs Darkin! (Fri, 20 May 2022)
A huge congratulations to our senior developer Dan who married Siobhan yesterday at the amazing Mill Barns wedding venue.   Most of the Start Software & Alpha Legal team were there to help them celebrate their special day (although some are struggling to remember the finer details of the evening this morning!).
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Our wonderful client Cath Tate Cards is 40 this year! (Thu, 19 May 2022)
We write the software that powers our wonderful, funny, sparky, dynamic and right-on card designing, retailing and wholesaling client Cath Tate Cards.  Cath's business is 40 years old this year - wow! Celebrating 40 years of Cath Tate Cards Follow their business on Facebook or simply buy their cards! Happy birthday Cath, Rosie and all of your team, you are simply a delight to work with!
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We're back! We've opened a second office and it's back where Start Software began (Wed, 23 Mar 2022)
We've just opened a second office and it's back where Start Software began, at Lasyard House in Bridgnorth. We needed space for our sales team and occasional space for developers to hold design meetings, and Lasyard House has proved to be perfect.  It feels like home-from-home as we started off in the same building in Bridgnorth back in... 2004?!?  Yes, that makes us feel very old. Dan, Jack & Tom at Lasyard House PS The hot pork sandwich shop next door is pleased, too!
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531 support calls answered in January 2022 - 19 out of 20 resolved in time (Thu, 03 Feb 2022)
Our support desk took 531 calls in January, the fewest for 6 months.  Still felt pretty busy, though! Our support desk performance over the last 12 months In round numbers, 19 out of 20 calls were resolved in the timescales requested by our customers which is a good performance for Will, Zac & James and the rest of the team. Our support desk is there for our Alpha Tracker and Alpha Legal subscribers along with users of our other software systems.  We operate 24x7 throughout the year to ensure that our customers can speak to us - in person - whenever they want.
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What is the Log4j vulnerability and should I be worried? (Wed, 15 Dec 2021)
The news has been full of a new cyber-security threat that has been causing havoc since the start of the month. Log4j, as it is known, is one of the worst server vulnerabilities to ever have been discovered.  In fact, some experts say it is the worst.  There's a really good summary of the threat here, on The Log4j vulnerability gives hackers the opportunity to do virtually anything on a compromised server - from running bitcoin mining software (causing your server to run at full speed, essentially disabling all of your server running on it) to exposing user names and passwords, or even installing dreaded ransomware. The UK has been particularly hit with attacks, as this graphic shows: The UK and North America are amongst the areas seeing most hacking attempts At Start Software, we take security really seriously and we have already checked the servers which run asbestos software Alpha Tracker, legal software Alpha Legal and all of our other systems.  We are urging clients who operate their own servers to check their systems and to make sure that all security patches are applied.  For more information, contact Robin in the Telford (UK) office.
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