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Watch part 2 of the Big C Tracker story with Robin on the Alpha Anywhere Q&A webinar (Thu, 01 Jun 2023)
Alpha Software's weekly Wednesday webinar told the second part of the story of the apps we have been building for Andrew Bedwell's Big C Atlantic Challenge. Watch the recording of the webinar here! Can we build an app for your business?  Get in touch!
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Watch Robin build a messaging app for the Big C Atlantic Challenge on the Alpha Anywhere webinar (Thu, 27 Apr 2023)
Our director Robin featured on this week's Alpha Anywhere webinar hosted by Alpha Software.   Robin talked about Andrew Bedwell's incredible Big C Atlantic Challenge - his attempt to cross the Atlantic in the shortest boat, ever.  Andrew's Big C boat is only 3 feet 2 inches long (just over 1m) - wow!   Start Software is building an app for Andrew so that he can send updates from mid-Atlantic every day of his 3-month journey. Watch here: Watch the YouTube video to see how Start are approaching the task.  If you're into app development, technology or mad-cap adventures, you might enjoy it!
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Another MS Access/SQL Server development - Tracker for Cath Tate Cards (Fri, 21 Apr 2023)
It was great to meet the team at Cath Tate Cards' offices in Deptford yesterday when we attended to add extra functionality to their business management software, Tracker.   Tracker (written in MS Access and powered by SQL Server) manages their busy greetings card business (wholesale and retail) and interfaces with a number of web platforms where orders are placed by retail customers, agents, shops and national chains. On the way home, we called into the Postmark shop at London Bridge station to see the some of the range on display - they looked great! If we can help you to improve or troubleshoot your Microsoft Access or SQL Server application, do get in touch.
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Today is World Backup Day! #WorldBackupDay (Fri, 31 Mar 2023)
Today is World Backup Day! #WorldBackupDay I know, I know, like we needed another "world {insert random topic} day"... but, actually, this is really important.  If you don't have a secure, tested, reliable backup of your important data - both business and personal - you are going to regret it.  That old saying "Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail" is absolutely true when it comes to backing up your data. visit for more information Here at Start Software, we take incredible care with the data stored in all of our systems.  For example, in Alpha Tracker, we have three levels of backup using independent technologies and data centres.  We check (manually) that backups are working and are up-to-date every month and we do test restores. If you need any help with your system backups, want more information about how we protect your data or perhaps even want us to write a disaster recovery plan for you, do get in touch.
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Our software partners Alpha Software have posted about the Big C Atlantic Challenge (Thu, 02 Mar 2023)
A big thank you to our US software partners Alpha Software who are helping us to promote Andrew Bedwell's Big C Atlantic Challenge. Read all about the Big C Challenge on Facebook See
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