Tracker Upload Manager is an optional add-on to Tracker Mobile which helps busy consultancies with the administration associated with incoming data from surveyors.


With Tracker Upload Manager installed, as data is received by the server:

  • the surveyor will receive a text message or email to confirm that their data has been accepted
  • the admin team will be emailed so that they know the records have arrived
  • the backup "XML" copies of the data will be filed within the project folder for that job in case the data needs to be checked or accessed in the future
  • (new in v1.0.69) a fail-safe comparison is made to cross- and double-check that the data in the XML has reached the Tracker database successfully with email notification of any problem.


Tracker Upload Manager runs silently as a service on the Tracker server and requires no manual intervention.


Tracker Upload Manager in action


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Tracker Upload Manager latest version
v1.0.369 SVN71 which has changes to process files and then move them into a "Processed" folder rather than work from the TUM control file.
Tracker Upload Manager
Compressed archive in ZIP format [81.3 KB]
Risk Assessment Upload Manager latest version
v1.0.87 SVN9 - Includes fix for Risk Assessment Type F.
Risk Assessment Upload
Compressed archive in ZIP format [40.8 KB]